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We're not going to lie: we love bikes.

Our Mission

And we're not just talking about the kind you ride around town, but the kind that are meant for adventure. The kind that let us get out in nature and explore new places, or take long trips over winding roads. That's why we started AlfaCycles —a bike shop that lets you shop new generation of fat tire electric bikes that can travel farther and faster than ever before.

It's the perfect tool for exploring new places, and if you're looking to get around the city without having to drive, bike riding is a great option. It's both fun and healthy. You can also feel good about being environmentally sustainable.

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The Evolution of Electric Bikes: A Brief History

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our values

eco, yet powerful. sleek, yet affordable

As we began to design and create our electric bikes, we knew that quality was paramount. We wanted to build something that would stand the test of time, so we sought out only the best materials and components available.

As a company founded on a shared love of good design and quality products, we believe that our products should be fit for the modern lifestyle. That's why our bikes are designed with power, speed, and style in mind—all while maintaining an affordable price point for all riders.

Whether you're looking for a leisurely ride through the city or a daily commute to work, we have something for everyone. From sleek urban cruisers with regenerative braking to powerful mountain models equipped with high-torque motors, our electric bikes offer an incredible riding experience every time.

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